• Daniel Wei

    Aspiring Computer Scientist and Software Developer

About Me

Hi, I'm Daniel Wei, a student pursuing software development and computer science, with a strong emphasis on design and intersectionality with the arts and humanities. Currently attending Seven Lakes High School, Class of 2021.

"Science and computer science is a liberal art, it’s something everyone should know how to use, at least, and harness in their life...
Technology alone is not enough...It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that make our hearts sing."

- Steve Jobs


Maven, Swing

Web Design



Bash scripting




Operating Systems


A Linux OS built to empower development out of the box.

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Desktop Applications


A Linux app that lets you one-click-install common development toolsets.

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Web Applications


An equitable, accessible, and free peer-to-peer education platform for everyone.
Won Silicon Valley Hacks Top Five Projects, and placed 5th in the world at CovLab Global.

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A local student-led nonprofit organization

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A hackathon for high schoolers in Houston

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7L Biology Olympiad

The Seven Lakes Biology Olympiad club website

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The Katy chapter of March for our Lives

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7L Student Corps

The Seven Lakes chapter of Student Corps

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The educational nonprofit initiative

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Modulus Landing Page

The landing page for the Modulus platform

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InspireCS is a nonprofit initiative seeking to bridge the digital divide in Greater Houston by providing free classes in fundamental computer science to underprivileged communities. To do this, we partner with the local refugee center RSTX Houston, and we've received over a thousand dollars in grant money from the No Starch Press Foundation. Visit the website here.

To make our work possible, we develop tools - such as InspireOS and the InspireKit - under the name of Inspire Software, the development department within the InspireCS initiative. Visit the website of Inspire Software here.

Position: Founder and Lead Manager

TeenHacksHTX is a student-led hackathon team that organizes various collaborative coding competitions across the Greater Houston landscape. Visit the website here.

Position: Cofounder and Executive Director

Periapsis is a Limited Liability Corporation delivering the Modulus web application, an online platform for teachers and students that makes online education extremely easy, with an intuitive course content delivery system, peer-to-peer course sharing, and an open library of free courses. Visit the website here.

Position: Cofounder, CEO, and Frontend Engineer

Experience and Programs

Summer Intern at WaveLab, Inc. 2019

Developed a Java GUI tool which can be used for customers to retrieve a communication unit’s network configuration and/or to recover the unit’s network setup.

"As a high school student, he has shown in his work extraordinary talents in computer software design and implementation, detail orientated and willingness to put extra efforts, as well as professional thinking in coding and documentation. People with these highly equipped attributes are not very commonly seen in college graduates, or even software engineers with a few years of experience. I am surprised that I can find all these from a high school student, and I am sure he will do very well in his career in the future."

- Simon Gan, Senior Software Engineer

Leangap Class of 2020

Accepted into Leangap's class of 2020, a four-week high school tech startup incubation summer program in U.C. Berkeley.
A total of 40 students are accepted every year, from an applicant pool of over 1,200.

Awards and Achievements

Computer Science

  • USA Computing Olympiad Gold Competitor
  • Science Olympiad National 4th place medal in Detector Building
  • Fifth place in the world at CovLab Global, an international collegiate+ hackathon.
    See the submission here
  • Fifth place in the nation at Silicon Valley Hacks, a west coast high school hackathon.
    See the submission here
  • Best Educational Impact at Teens Take on COVID.
    See the submission here

Academic Test Scores

  • 2019 PSAT: 1480 out of 1520
  • 2019 August SAT: 1570 out of 1600



  • First place in The Ninth Annual New York Times Summer Reading Contest
  • Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key award in 10th grade for Critical Essay
  • Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key award in 11th grade for Short Story


  • National Winner of the Preparatory for Collegiate Class of the Piano Guild
  • Symphony Region orchestra member in 9th and 10th grade; Area orchestra member in 11th grade
  • 2nd chair and soloist in the TMEA All-State Honor Full Orchestra champions in the 2019-20 school year



  • Founder and Lead Manager of InspireCS
  • Cofounder and Executive Director of TeenHacksHTX
  • Cofounder of March for our Lives Katy
  • Cofounder and Copresident of Voyage Mentorship
  • President in the Tri-M National Music Honor Society


  • Member of Science Olympiad since 6th grade; Varsity Team since 10th grade
  • Member of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States since 9th grade
    Taught 30 English lessons to minority Junior High students over the course of more than a year, for a total of more than 60 hours of instruction.
  • Member of Spartans out Serving since 9th grade
    Over 115 volunteer hours logged
  • Member of Mu Alpha Theta since 9th grade
  • Member of Amnesty International since 11th grade
  • Member of Seven Lakes Democrats since 11th grade
  • Member of Science National Honor Society since 11th grade
  • Member of National Honor Society since 11th grade
  • Member of Student Corps since 11th grade